Who is The Unnatural Mother?

Deanna, The Unnatural Mother

Short Bio:

By day I am a Social Media Manager, building brand awareness, creating thought provoking social media terse, blog posts and website content. I effectively manage communities that foster engagement and have a solid understanding of SEO and how metrics can drive a client, consumer, advocate to act either by purchasing a product, commenting on a blog post or as simply sharing the content that was posted.

By night, I am “The Unnatural Mother” which is a term that came to me in the middle of the night (a little over thirteen years ago when my first son was born) while I was feeding my son. When I had my son I was lost but I was told that my maternal instincts would kick in as soon as the baby came flying out of my belly, nine years later, a ton of gray hair, and I’m still waiting for those maternal instincts to kick me in the ass!

In my off time I write, run (eleven half marathons, seven Tri’s, four Du’s, two Ragnar Relays, two day relay, and I lost count of the 5 & 10k’s!), manage working full time, spaghetti on the ceiling, a dumped out fish bowl, a lizard, two active boys, being a wife to an incredible husband who pushes my buttons daily – with all that – it leaves me no time to clean my house so instead whipping out the mop, I write about it here. It’s thrilling I tell ya. Thrilling.

Want to hire me? Gotta question? Want me as a brand ambassador? Sponsor an event? Promote anything? Need me desperately, and can’t live without me? Contact me at: deannapitta@yahoo.com

Other websites I write for:

Modern Mom – Articles regularly featured on homepage.

This Mother Can Run – Featured Writer

BlogHer – Featured post


Some Of The Unnatural Mother’s Guests:

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