Why are you thankful?

As the Thanksgiving holiday whips by faster than the speed of light, and we are careening even faster into Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, have you seriously thought about why you are TRULY thankful for the things you’re thankful for? Have you ever taken the time to really think about this — really think about the blessings in your life?

I thought I had an easy answer too — my husband, sons, family and friends. I mean, that’s what I am most thankful for. These people are my world, even more so with the amount of losses we suffered this year. And although that is true and will always be my answer, I never really thought of why.

Why am I thankful for these people?

My stinky, sarcastic sons, my husband that some days makes me want to really have a drink, my sisters that I couldn’t live without but could do without their snark from time to time, my in-laws that are absolutely perfect, my nieces and nephews that act like they don’t care, my sometimes bossy cousins and aunts and uncles, my extended family and friends, who I don’t see often enough but feel their vibe through every group text.

WHY am I so thankful for them?

Wanna know the answer? Because they have my back.

Every one of them will come to my aid (or my family’s aid) at a moment’s notice, no matter the time of day, night or issue that needs to be solved. Whether it’s an actual physical issue or managing my emotional distress, these people have my back, and they ‘show up’ — in many different ways, and some, like my boys, may have no idea how they are actually taking care of me. Whether it’s a random text to see how I am doing an email or actually doing a ‘pop-in’ that you actually want. What’s most important is how they show their love and support. That is what I am truly thankful for.

Being there for someone you love, for ‘having their back’, ‘showing up’ in a person’s life, being insanely selfless, not worrying about yourself for a moment or how your selfless action is perceived is exactly why I am thankful for ‘my people’.

Giving back, ‘showing up’ truly removing yourself from the equation and helping someone from the bottom of your heart is one of the greatest things you can do for someone. And all those in my life, ‘my people’ do exactly that for me.

And for that, I am truly thankful.


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4 comments on “Why are you thankful?
  1. Kim says:

    This sums it up perfectly!

  2. Terry Green says:

    Thank you for sharing what it really means to be thankful. It is so easy to say I am thankful, but do we really know what that means. I got your back. Love you!

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