My #1 Job as a Mom

The other day I forwarded my 13-year-old son a text I received from his teacher. It was one of those reminder texts that notify me about assignments, tests, or even something sweet like “Happy Weekend,” which I love. I love being in-the-know, and it makes me feel that the teacher cares.  Nevertheless, within minutes of hitting send, the little rat bastard promptly replied, “I know; I get the texts too.” Wherein, I responded as fast as my big thumbs would allow me: “My #1 job as a mom is to nag you. And I believe I am killing it if I do say so myself.”

Because it’s so damn true. The definition of the word nag – “continuous urging.” That really says it all for me, and I bet for most parents.


verb // 1. annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent fault-finding or continuous urging.

“She constantly nags her son about the importance of being a good person.”

As a parent, I have to continuously urge my children to do a lot of things — not just the things that bring a little relief into my life like straighten their room, bring the laundry down or take out the garbage. I also continuously urge (like how I did that?) them to do the right thing and help them understand that certain things they need to do in life will help them ‘do life’ as a productive member of society.

On a daily basis, I continuously urge my children to be kind, caring, loving. I continuously, like a broken record, urge them to be respectful to themselves and others, to selflessly give of themselves without wanting something in return. I continuously urge them to open doors for other people, pick litter off the ground, look people in the eye when they are talking, to do these things so they become good people. Cause being a really good salt-of-the-earth person is, to me, a very important thing to be in life.

And my boys can tell you that I continuously urge, ummm, nag (totally works here!) them about the importance of being a really good person.

So, even though my bratty son never replied to my text, I stand by it. I am killing it as a nag! And I take the job of being a nag very seriously. I mean, if my sons become really good people (and they will cause I’ll continuously urge them to do the right thing) AND have the ability to carry 10 lbs. of laundry down two flights of stairs – well, I’ll say I hit pay dirt as a parent (and their future spouses will love me!)! #winning





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