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As a Runner I’ve Learned …



When I began my running career – < yes a ‘running career’ as it is something I intend to do forever and continue to hone it my entire life > I never thought I would learn so much about life, I was literally in it just to lose a few pounds, what I got back was just as incredible as a skinnier ass … as a runner I’ve learned:

• I’ve learned that I am strong enough to run for over two hours straight.

• I’ve learned that I can let most things go after a run (hence on the word ‘most’; if you cut me, I may have to cut you back).

• I’ve learned how to become a better mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend … running those solidarity miles is literally the BEST therapy and cheaper!

• I’ve learned that if I have to go to the bathroom while I’m running to … go the bathroom and to piggyback on that: nature’s playground makes a great restroom!

• I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you run one mile or ten, a mile is a mile and it takes courage to get out there for whatever distance you choose.

• I’ve learned that life is hard, sometimes it will suck and it’s okay.

• I’ve learned that life is good, sometimes it is fucking awesome and that rocks!

• I’ve learned that I can’t eat a bag of chips after I run (ok, I must admit, I knew that … I’ve learned that I shouldn’t do that, but it does happen sometimes  <hangs head>).

• I’ve learned that if I can dedicate 12 weeks and countless hours to train for a half marathon, I can virtually do anything I set my mind to – I need to remind myself as it applies to every aspect of life.

• I’ve learned that I run for myself, purely for “me time”.

But the single most important thing that I have learned from running is humility – because when you run – even though you are out there for yourself – everything is exposed: every facial expression, every misstep, every stride, every runny nose,  and even the graceful attempt to fix your headphones at a red light but instead you trip and fall in front of 10 cars, well you need to be humble, and seriously – how can I as runner gloat too much when before my runs I’m lubing up every inch of the ‘ole lady bits (emphasis on the words ‘every inch’ cause if you don’t well … ouch!).

 So, friends, what have you learned as a runner?






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