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16. 4 – Sick Demented Torturous Fun

What a difference a week makes – seriously in merely seven days my entire perspective about CrossFit changed.  I realized I was complete moron when it came to CrossFit especially these Open WOD’s.

And I am being too harsh? Perhaps but I think not.  I was taking CrossFit and these Open WOD’s way too seriously; instead of realizing what the intent was … to have fun and challenge yourself; not performing the WOD’s the way I wanted to in my mind was not realistic. And because of that unrealistic mentality -I took it as a personal assault on myself as an athlete … assault on your body – hell yes, but yourself as an athlete? Hell no that is damn ridiculous!

As I was told by my Coach and some fellow box athlete’s – these Open WOD’s need to be looked at as – it’s just another WOD.   Be proud of what you are doing, and stop beating yourself up.  And hot damn, that was like a cold bucket of water being thrown on my face – I’m crying over a workout? WTF.  So thank you Coach Charlie,  Mike and Tom for bringing my insanity down to a manageable level.

crying crossfit

One can ask why would I put such a heavy expectation on myself to perform at a level that I am just not at yet well, that’s a question I can’t really answer – perhaps it was the hype of the last few weeks that really threw me for a loop; Yes, I  drank the CrossFit juice, saw some gains but I wanted every gain that I could dream of NOW! And that’s not how it works. That is not how CrossFit works.  I know who I am, I know I that can tough some shit out and that’s what I have to do – tough shit out, challenge myself and have fun doing it.

16.4. WOD

Complete as many rounds and reps in 13 minutes:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 hand release push-ups

Men deadlift  135 lb. and throw 20-lb. ball to 9-ft. target
Women deadlift  95 lb. and throw 10-lb. ball to 9-ft. target

I was really relieved when I saw this workout – I knew how to do these moves! Yahoo -half of the mental battle was won!   I promised myself I wouldn’t obsess, wouldn’t Google tips, wouldn’t watch video after video of CrossFitters doing these  moves and would just have fun with this workout.  So that’s what I did.

Well, for the most part.

I ummmm … mentioned to my Coach that I wanted to finish one complete round, wherein the Coach responded “That’s a spicy goal D, go for it”, then I remembered that: crap I had to complete a shit load of stuff in just 13 minutes. The calculations started in my head,  and  I estimated it could take me approximately 6-7 minutes to pull 55 calories. Shit balls that’s half the time allotted, when I expressed that I had to rethink my goal Coach saved the day and said “Just get to the push-ups.”

Get off the damn rower was now my goal.

Between Thursday and Saturday I didn’t google a damn 16.4 tip or strategy instead I watched CT Fletcher on a fricking rotation.  I switched my obsessive behavior to another fix. Classic OCD move. It got so bad, my 8 year old said “you’re listening to someone who is saying really really bad words” where in I replied ‘he’s not saying them to be mean, just to motivate me.”  Major. Parenting. Fail.

watched video ct fletcher

My 16.4

Arriving at the box, true to form I let a few athletes go before me- I couldn’t relinquish that – I had to see the pain up close. The girls were killing it. And I offered my support where I could. Yelling at athletes to pull harder, push faster and do one more push-up.  As I was spewing  ‘one more push-up’ the looks I got were of pure disdain. What? It’s only one more push-up, you got 20 seconds you can do it.

Before I started my round,  Mike stepped in (again) and offered some tips:

Wall balls: Do not break parallel, don’t rest on your toes, rest on the heels and drive up. Okay, check. Got it.  My reality: But do I really got it?

Rower:  pull to the chest as hard as you can, take a sec, go back for more, use your legs, catch your breathe from the walls balls in the first two-three seconds.  Okay, check. Got it. My reality: it’s going to take more than 2-3 seconds to catch my breathe.

Hand release push up:  Do not snake up, do not lift your toes, and worth repeating again – do not snake up.  Okay, check. Got it. My reality: Fuck.

My round was up. I was ready to get it done.  Mike stepped up to the plate to be my judge again [Thank you sweet baby Jesus!].  I told him, get me off the rower; he said “there will be ‘no no reps’ this week, you got this, you will get off the rower.”

55 Deadlifts:

I got through 12 deads before I had to regrip. I had to break the deads into rounds of 10. 10 more done.  OUCH. Doubt started to creep in:  ‘wow this hurts.’  10 more.  2 more. I continued in my head:  ‘why does this suck? crap, I got this, it’s 95lbs –  my max is 195lb will that mother efffing bar up NOW Deanna!’  As I inched closer and closer little by little. I vaguely heard my judge say 15 more. At that time  5 or 2 at a time was the only way to finish.  Done!

55 Wall-Balls:

I shook out my arms; got ready to pounce. My strategy was rounds of 10 push to 11, don’t break parallel, rest on your heels.  First go at it I got to 11. I immediately thought: ‘this is going to take longer than I thought’.  Judge: ‘Start in the squat position and throw the ball up.’  No rep!  16.  22.  No rep!  One wall ball didn’t even hit the wall it kinda went up and down – WTF was that? – I literally no rep’d myself.  33 to go.  Doubt again crawled in: ‘FUCK!’.  27. 32. No rep! 37. 38.39.40. One rep at a time. 42. 43.44. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. 45.46.49. At one point I just fell forward almost slamming my head into the wall, the ball thankfully stopped the impact.  I totally broke parallel. 50. 51. No rep!  4 more to go. Done!

55 Calorie-Row:

Time was now burning at both ends the candle. I just wanted to get off the rower. Get. Off. The.Rower. I pulled as hard as I could; I averaged about 1 calorie for every two pulls. 110 pulls. That’s a lot of pulls. I listened to the cheers ‘the pull harder, you’re almost there girl. Pull harder’. [Thank you Markella!] When I had about 5 calories left, I heard my judge say ‘5 calories to hit, finish under 5 minutes.’  And so I did. I was probably 10 seconds shy of 5 minutes. But I did it.

made it rowing

55 HRPU:

I crawled off the rower and threw myself on the floor, I believe I heard my Judge say ‘you have just over 2:30 minutes to get to 20 push-ups.’  All I was thinking was ‘I am sorry Erica and Nicole for telling you that you had one more in you. I get it.  My arms felt like rubber. R.U.B.B.E.R.’  I hit 1, 2,3, 4 … totally snaking up, totally not using ANY of Mike’s tips. From across the box I heard the bellow:  ‘NO REP!’  I looked up, my face had to say: ‘Have mercy on me Coach’ then again:  ‘No rep. That’s a NO REP! Toes can’t come off the floor!”  5,6,7,8. Judge: ‘Get to 20’. 9,10, No rep!  11,12. Flat out on my face. My good friend – doubt flipped me off with: ‘Can’t move my arms’ then I heard CT Fletcher in my head: ’ will yourself up mother fucker.’  Judge: ‘Get up’; 13,14. Flat out on my face. I was thinking – C’mon Deanna get yourself up.  Judge: ‘Let’s go.’ 15. No rep! 16. It hurts. 17. Judge: ‘10 seconds left.’  18.

ct fletcher pumped

I. AM. DONE.  Like a fish flopping out of water I rolled over on my back and all I was thinking was: I got off the rower! I stood up, felt a little dizzy and nauseous. I tried to fist pump my judge but it was a weird hand-slap fist something.  My balance was off.  I walked a little, mumbled to someone “I might throw-up”.  Coach said ‘4 done, one more to go’. I tried to fist pump him but I don’t think my arms moved.  I walked a little more, grabbed an orange; it was just what I needed the peeling of the orange distracted me – took the focus off my stomach that was flipping while my balance that was still really off. I hashed out the work-out with a fellow athlete who said her throat was on fire (good times!) and just sat my ass down. What was that?

16.4 really turned your stomach inside out. Some athletes got sick. Yes, for real. When you think about it – it is kind of badass – you worked that hard that it turned your stomach into knots. Am I that ridiculous that I am thinking like that?

To me, 16.4 was the most fun of all the open WOD’s.  It could be a combination of a few things:  I  knew how to do the moves, and I didn’t care that I no rep’d, I resigned myself to just focus on this one day, to enjoy the process, knowing that I will continue to push each day, knowing that each WOD I perform will make me stronger, fitter, faster and until I get to where I want to be and until that time – in this present moment – I will own that NOW I am the best Deanna that I can be.

With one more open WOD to go, I am ready.  16.5 – I am ready for you – I am ready for the no reps, I am ready to cheer on my fellow athletes, and I am ready to have some fun! Yes, CrossFit is fun – a sick demented torturous fun but fun nonetheless.


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16 ‘NO FRICKING REP’ . 3 !

When 16.3 was announced I came to the conclusion that each and every one of these WOD’s is designed to completely exhaust a particular body part and perhaps crush your ego. These WOD’s aren’t designed by some  meat head in a room throwing a dart at a bunch of workouts on a wall – it’s actually a mad scientist implementing a formula to determine this week’s WOD madness – and the main ingredient is your ego with a dash of ‘don’t get your hopes up –it will kick your ass.’

The scaled 16.3 workout:

10 power snatches 65lb/35lb
5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes.

This doesn’t seem like an ass burner? Right … but as any CrossFitter knows – any WOD that ‘looks simple’ is the complete opposite.

As per the usual –after the announcement I did a little research on the required moves; this week I started with Wodify to determine my max power snatch weight; upon my review I discovered that my max weight is 65lb – with this discovery came a little sigh of relief – – yes 10 power snatches @ 35lb for a lot of rounds would hurt but … my thought process was – at least I know I can get the weight up, willing the fricking bar up if need be.

Power snatches = I got this shit covered.

Next, I googled and youtubed ‘how to do a jumping chest-to-bar pull-up’ ten ways till Sunday.

Jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups = a WTF!

My research was as productive as it was disappointing. Productive because I saw a lot of people nailing the jumping C2B and disappointing because it didn’t resonate until the next morning when I learned that my head had to be 6 inches below the bar AND I needed to lift this body up and slam my chest into said bar.

We practiced the move a few times before our daily WOD and I didn’t get one. Not one jumping chest-to bar pull-up. I left the box nervous as hell.  I tried to joke around, said I was going home to practice, that I was going to put springs in my sneakers –  rested on the fact that I will have to put on my big girl pants and just do the best I can; what I was really thinking was what if my big girl pants fall down? What if MY best wasn’t good enough?

The night before I choose to complete 16.3 I spent way too much time trying to garner as many tips as I possibly could off various resources.  My husband picking up my concern, inquired about the workout – after I told him what I had to accomplish the look on his face said it all – ‘holy shit, this poor girl’.  Listen, we both know my capabilities. I was never the kid that did the monkey bars or climbed fences; I have much stronger legs than upper body; growing up it’s a known fact within my family especially when a sister was chasing me around the house and I had to jump on the bed to use my legs to ward any torture.  But I digress. The hubs trying to help set-up a make-shift whatever in our kitchen – taped a piece of paper to our ceiling, and said you need to hit that. Jump.  I jumped. I didn’t hit it.  Got close but not close enough.

Even though my sons, hubs and I shared a few laughs I was near tears. But I held them in, I can tough this out I thought – like Yogi Berra “It ain’t over till it’s over” –  I dug deep into my well of power of positive thinking and pulled out: “I can hit the jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, I can do hard work”.

I must have said this 50 million times in less than 24 hours. At this point – I figured if anything, I’d be getting a great workout jumping for 7 minutes straight.


 My 16.3

I arrived at the box and watched several athletes complete 16.3. That’s my usual game-plan before I knock any of these open workouts out – I have to see how it plays out, have to see how it goes, have to see the pain up close.

As I was about to begin my round, I got on the bar to ‘practice’ my C2B pull-ups.  A fellow 5am fighter – Mike saw me struggling – came over and offered some much needed tips.  Mike has offered some valuable tips over the course of my time at CrossFit165 – all which have been beneficial and proved to be successful. I was slurping up these tips like a dog at his bowl, my life; well my 16.3 depended on it. I finally hit one.  From across the box I heard the Coach say ‘there you go’, a few no-reps later, I hit two more in a row; I sheepishly looked over to the where the Coaches were huddling and heard “STOP! Don’t waste them!’

I was feeling hopeful. Unit I wasn’t.

My judge for 16.3 was the same 5am’er that gave me the C2B tips.  Just so you understand – my bestie and I joked  that Mike could possibly be the nicest person in the world and definitely voted “Nicest Guy in the Senior Class” during Senior Superlatives in High School (we’re girls we talk, get over it!) and beside that – his performance at the box is a top echelon athlete .

Before we began, Mike asked me how strict I wanted him to play on the jumping C2B pull-ups. I said ‘strict, no-rep me’ – I continued with ‘it’s suppose to be hard’.  In retrospect, stupid me.

16.3 Started.   Boom! I got through the power snatches without incident. My first round of C2B pull-ups was a train wreck; I only had to do five.  FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. WTF?

I was ‘No Rep’d’ so many times it was becoming embarrassing.   When I finally hit one, I would miss the next two or three.

No Rep! No Rep! No Rep!

As for my judge … well I felt as bad for him as I did for myself, this poor bastard was being tortured having to witness this pitiful performance. I finally got to five.  None consecutive and I knew as ‘God as My Witness’ that Mike was being generous – he had to, we would have been at that bar forever.

When I no-rep’d two-three-found times in a row (in almost every round) I could feel the pieces of my ego hitting the box floor crashing down with a thunder that was as loud as the races at Nascar – but my judge never got frustrated, he continued to push, to coach, to get me through this as best as we could  – and he saved what was left of my ego from crumbling to the floor in front of the entire box – and for that I am grateful. I am very grateful. 

I completed four rounds, plus 13 reps, for total of 73 reps.  What a piss poor performance!

I hung around the box to see more people compete and watched athlete after athlete bust their ass. The box turned electric when a fellow athlete Vin hit his first Muscle-Up (<— read about it here) To see that kind of perseverance, determination in one person is mind-blowing, and that type of support that exploded in the box, just tells the true-story about the community we have at 165.


C’mon, doesn’t this rock? photo credit – Tom McManus

It was when I left the box that I began the inner self-deprecation dialogue.  I shed a tear or two on my two minute drive home. When I walked in the door, my eight year old sprung up, and immediately said “how did I do?” I replied “horrible”, he said “how many did you get?”  I said “maybe 20”; he replied “that’s decent.”  The innocence of my son’s comment lifted my spirits. He thinks I am super woman. I will let him think that forever.

Completely defeated, I began my day  – it was during my fifth load of laundry (it never ends right? Like the mail, Newman was right!) that I got a Facebook ping with a post from Kat – giving me props on my performance.

The flood gates opened. I cried. A lot. Then Tom, Mike and Sam; I replied through the tears and cried even more.

die crossfit

Then a text from Lisa came in: “stop crying” – it was as if she was sitting next to me. I replied “you know me too well.”  I reaffirmed my thoughts about my performance and like she has said in the past ‘everything takes time’.

I don’t have time I thought. The time is now. I have to do this NOW.

I am not quite sure why I am so weepy about this WOD. I cried about it for a few days (disclosure: I even cried about it yesterday at the early morning WOD).  Why was this WOD an ego crusher is beyond me – could it be because my performance coincided with the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s death? That work is kicking my ass on a daily basis and I loathe getting up every day? That I really just am expecting too much out of myself? That maybe I need to throw in the CrossFit towel? What’s the point?

On Sunday I forced myself to go running with my group, I thought sweating it out and talking it out would help get rid of the ughs.  My 4 mile run did shit – I just couldn’t shake the feelings of disappointment in myself.

Until yesterday, well kinda of yesterday sans the tears of yesterday.  I realized that I am my own worst enemy; I am the poster child of self-depreciation. How about instead of how shitty I thought I did –  I say to myself “I got the fuck out there and did it!”. It wasn’t until Sam, a fellow 5am fighter thankfully stuck her nose in my business when my self deprecating reached an all time high – Sam said “since you never did one, the fact that you actually did a lot more than one after doing a shitload of snatches is pretty awesome and I think it’s a very cool accomplishment .” Well, hot damn maybe she is right? Maybe? No, Sam is right! And I needed that, more than Sam may have known.

Giving up on yourself is easy.  Beating yourself into the ground with hateful words is way easy too – so why do it? Why does anyone do it? For me, I lack confidence – as long as I have been doing CrossFit  it’s still uncomfortable for me and probably for most people. I have to get the picture of the morbidly obese girl out of my head because I am not her anymore. I. Am. Not. Her. However I do have to accept the fact that I am in my 40’s, have to lose a few LB’s and realize that I making gains every day. Every day. I mean, not throat punching some is gains, right?

I have to stop thinking, cause thinking too much sucks. I am going to put on my big girl pants and steal from Nike – and just do it. No more negative thinking. No more thinking.  Well, I may think a little, even if it’s just to will these fucking muscles to get bigger.


So with that, I picked up myself up and wiped myself off. I grabbed the pieces of my ego from the box floor shoved them in my pocket. And I am building my confidence with what I am doing:  last week I hit a 30lb PR for a front squat (oh yeah!);  running 4 miles without incident, getting up and working out 5-6 times a week, being very aware of what goes in my mouth, not clothes-lining anyone in my way (that’s huge!), and I VOW to reduce the amount of times I kick myself when I am down. When I fall, I will get up. Simple as that. Simple as that.

With my big girl pants on, bring it on Mr. Castro, Bring on 16. F#$King 4.


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Hello 16.2.

16.2 … Mother Effer Squat Cleans

Like any CrossFitter whom are participating in the Open, Thursday at 8p.m. is a special time for us all – well for at least for the five weeks of the open. Why is it so special? Because it’s the announcement of the next WOD in the Open; millions of CrossFitters are at their computers patiently waiting to hear Headquarters make that announcement.  While waiting with bated breath most are thinking – will this be ‘the one’ I can crush or will it crush me?

To be honest, when 16.2 was announced I was confused.  It’s nothing new – I am constantly confused at CrossFit. The whole 4 minute carry over thing was wonky – if finished under four minutes those minutes would be added to the next round? Huh? You expect me to actually do math while working out?  Nope not happening.  It baffled me so much I just ignored it – “someone at the box will explain it to me.”   True story.

Ya see when I joined CrossFit I never knew math was involved, had I known I would have walked out the door. As a CrossFitter you do math. A lot of math.  I suck at math. I mean, I suck so bad at math that my third grader refuses to let me help him.  Dead balls serious.  This week I asked the Coach if we could put a mini-calculator or an abacus on the rig. I shit you not.  That’s why I am a writer/marketer – I get my math a/k/a data served up to me in a neat little bow, already digested ready for me to do my thing.

So back to 16.2, this was the workout:

Scaled, beginning on a 4-minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
15 squat cleans, 95 / 55 lb.

If completed before 4 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
13 squat cleans, 115 / 75 lb.

If completed before 8 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
11 squat cleans, 135 / 95 lb.

If completed before 12 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
9 squat cleans, 155 / 115 lb.

If completed before 16 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
7 squat cleans, 185 / 135 lb.

Stop at 20 minutes.

When 16.2 was announced I sat at the computer watching the workout unfold; for the elites, their workout was the RX which included toes-to-bar instead of hanging knee raises and their weight was way heavier. The elites were really toughing it out with the T2B. Before they even began I knew that the hanging knee raises were an issue for me, after seeing the elites I knew that now …  hanging knee raises was a big issue. There is the proper way to do hanging knee raises  and then there is the way I do them –picture a dog with her paws on a bar, with a death grip and the hind legs flying around trying desperately to raise them 90 degrees.  Impossible.   Got that visual? Yep exactly me.

Instant concerns popped into my brain 1) what the hell am going to wear that won’t rise up and expose my belly to the box? 2) Will my arms fall off during the workout? 3) With no arms how would I even be able to do the squat cleans? 4) Ummmm how is one to complete this WOD without a solid core?


The next morning at the box Coach Charlie went over the workout, explaining how it should go, tips and what we should expect.  I blurted out “can I make it out of round 1?” in his Coach Charlie way he said “Yes.”  I was happy about that but that’s when the feelings of discomfort and fear rose from my toes- to-my ears – along with the fears above I also had fears of what this workout would bring, fears of how well I would do and fears of not making an ass out of myself … completely sank in.

As the chatter about 16.2 continued Coach Charlie stopped us dead in our tracks and explained that even though we are scaled athletes there are different levels of scaled athletes.  Some of the scaled athletes in the box better finish this workout while others, well won’t get past round two, three or four.  And that actually grounded me without pissing me off or making me cry.  There are a lot of times I hold back tears in CrossFit because I often think I should perform better than I do (more on that later). *

Nevertheless, after the explanation of the workout the Coaches wanted us to practice the squat clean move, to pull the weight in the round that we wanted to hit. My goal was round two (75lbs) possibly round three if I could pull 95lb. Before we got into the workout I said to Coach and I quote “Don’t we want to save our legs for 16.2, um tomorrow?” Coach Charlie looked at Coach Angelo and said “We’re CrossFitters we don’t do that.”  Ya see … as a runner, we do do that. The day before any big endurance race (half marathon or tri) I save my legs, I might take a walk or a light run to loosen up a bit but that’s it; my legs need to be race ready!  Race ready!  I’m pretty sure Coach Charlie and Coach Angelo eye-rolled me.

That morning I pulled one squat clean at 95lbs. My one rep max for a squat clean was 85lbs. I was happy. My goal for 16.2 now became round three, three pulls at 95lbs.

The Big Day.

I arrived at the box excited for 16.2 not scared out of my mind as I was for 16.1. Yes I said excited. I had my mantra running through my head “I can do hard work”, I was pumped that I could pull at least one rep at 95lb and convinced that pure adrenaline would push me to the other two pulls. My mind was ready – I will hit my goal!  That was until I saw some of the stronger athletes complete the workout; holy crap, they were working their asses off, they were toughing it out. Big Time.  Panic set-in. How the hell was I going to get to round three? Why is CrossFit so hard? Fuck.  I thought I had … at least some of this.   

Panic was on full-tilt. While I was standing there – I asked around for some tips – like a squirrel after a nut. Who’s got a tip? And whatta got? Sharon advised to go into the hanging knee raises broken up into sets of five, and if I can muscle through more – do it, she said with that plan your mind is set. I okayed Sharon, thanked her and felt better that I had a plan. And with that plan in my scrambled egg noggin it was my time to knock out 16.2.

The Hanging Knee Raises.

The hanging knee raises kicked my ass.  My judge – Coach Angelo may have been generous with me– at one point I did such a half ass knee raise I turned to Coach and said ‘that was a no rep… right?’ I got a yes and a shrug –  I said ‘no, no I don’t want a gimmie (or something like that, at this point I am sure there was blood in my lungs and no oxygen to the brain so who knows what I said. People this was round ONE).’ I wanted to do them all. Regardless how sloppy, how poor, how whatever – I was doing them. Each round I completed of the hanging knee raises (three to be exact) sucked donkey balls.  Yes, donkey balls. Got that visual? Yep. There you go.

The 50 Singles.

Singles are one jump rope rotation. These were totally fine, like at the school yard – until I thought I finished 50 but had ten more to go; oh and that one round when I kept tripping, needed to knock out two more but my arms. I couldn’t feel my arms. I eventually got them.

Arms burn

The Squat Cleans.

Round one of the squat cleans was good – a well, you know – CrossFit good. Round two was tough; remember my one rep max for squat cleans was 85lbs – even though this was 75lb I had 13 of them.  I was definitely muscling through as best I could – because I wanted round three that thought pushed me through. Whew. I got to my goal. All I needed was three pulls. I got five. It hurt. I had to clean the weight before squatting. At one point when I was down in the squat I thought I can’t get back up. I got up. I got up because I had a few people around me willing the bar up for me. It helped.  A lot.

I was really pumped that I pulled that much weight – at five reps – for a PR!  Beyond stoked!   This is what it’s about, testing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone. *Which brings me back to why I think I should be doing better than I really do –  16.2 helped me realize without putting in the work, you get shit.

You Get Nothing!  You Lose! Good Day Sir!

I gotta put more work in to reap the rewards.  The work will be put in.

After my go at 16.2 I lingered around the box to see others compete.  I like well, no to be honest love the community (I know, I know – how many times can I say this? As much as I want-nanny poo poo! Live with it!)! I love watching others do their magic.  The teens blew me away. I mean, CrossFit is as mental of a game as it is physical, and these girls were making 16.2 their bitch. Strong minds.

I am sure my fellow CrossFitters were sick of my cheering  (screaming?) for them, but I can’t help myself.  I am a cheerer.  I want EVERYONE to do well. All.TheTime. If I don’t know an athlete’s name, I will find out and I will cheer for them.  I have to be fair with my guttural annoying cheers. I mean, if I am going to cheer for one, I gotta cheer for all.  I want all to succeed because as Coach Sean stated “the suck – sucks for everyone, it doesn’t really matter your level, it just sucks”

A few days after my 16.2 I was perusing Facebook and caught a picture of myself during the hanging knee raises. Oh lordy. My outfit selection was a poor poor choice. This picture was an ego buster. Fuck no! That work that I am putting in? Well, it’s getting kicked up a notch. And to top that off – I lifted my arms to undress and … ouch. There you are 16.2. There you are. Well played 16.2. Well played.

So, my take-aways from 16.2:

  • I can do more than I think I can.
  • I need to put in more work.
  • I may never wear a sleeveless shirt at CrossFit or ever again.
  • That the suck- the CrossFit suck is equal across the board – no matter the fitness level.
  • Hanging knee raises suck donkey balls.

And as Coach Angelo said:

“It was a good day for everyone. This was a fun workout, those lifts were definitely helped up by everyone.”

Sure as hell!

16.3 Be kind. Please. Be Kind. Oh, and no wall balls or burpees.

wods favor


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