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The Ridiculousness of Facebook Posts

Facebook Like Dislike

The ridiculousness of some posts on Facebook are stupid silly. Even if it was for just a split second – eyes roll and a slight mutter of “really?” flies off lips on the daily when one is faced with some utterly ridiculous post.

As an avid social media (professional and personal) user I understand the importance of the connection, I like engaging on all platforms, yet Facebook kills me on a daily basis. I do enjoy catching up on Facebook but I like it and really all my social media served up with a lot of sarcasm, charm, wit, authenticity, and humor.

What I hate is the glorification of anything on Facebook especially when a child is the star of the post.

Every. Little.Thing that Johnny has accomplished in his three short years of life does not need to be on social media.

Yes, social media is for being social, but the over-sharing, the one-upping, five to six posts a day is saturation of anyone’s life and frankly, who has that much time to post ? It’s time-consuming!

It’s hard enough living up to the standards that you set for yourself:

  • My kids will never eat in my car (totally throwing leftover food from my car floor on the lawn ‘for the bird’s)
  • I am going to eat a balanced dinner every night with my  family (grilled cheese is balanced and we’re in the car as a family … right?)
  • My kids will never sleep in my bed (slept in my bed for over a year)

But after reading some posts, you might as well throw in the towel cause you’re doing life all wrong.  Some of the posts just seem unreal! Is it exaggeration, is it the expectation of being something you are not?  Is it to let that bitch from the 6th grade know that you really did make something of yourself? What is the point of posts like these:

  • I am so proud of Brandon! He just got his black belt! The only three year old in the WORLD that earned a black belt!
  • I love it when my husband/wife/child/dog brings me breakfast in bed … every day!
  • She did it, my little Susie-Q climbed Mt. Everest (she’s 10!)!! She trained for nine years! I am so proud of her!

Okay exaggeration but that is exactly what it feels like, or maybe it feels like it to me because I made the decision to stop exploiting my life on social media.

Lets dial it back to 2008-2009 when Facebook exploded and I was a Facebook whore. I posted EVERYTHING. Every snippet of my life and I know I laid it on thick –  I think I was trying to live up to some standard to show America or a few hundred friends how cute, smart, funny we all were/are (LOL!).

Reality hit me in the face around 2011 when I realized no one really gives a damn. I fell down a rabbit hole of over-everything and frankly it put a damper on every area of  my life.

The funny posts, the cute pictures, the baby hugging the dog – it’s all good; it’s the exaggeration and the enthusiastic explosion of love and admiration that I feel is just plain … too much.

These posts really feel like bullshit.

Be honest and authentic.  We can all relish in the real deal too, not just the overabundance amount of love you have for your dogs, cats and rainbows.

Is it just me? Am I being a brat? A little insecure or do you feel the same way? Am I a cynic?  Am I being one of those that should just scroll past, or do you think the over-sharing, over love, over everything is over the top?

Let me dissect some posts – we’ve all read the likes of these:

Post One:

Happy Birthday to my Darling Robert! You’re 5 today! You’re the Love of My Life! You’re My Best Friend and Made My Life Complete! #bestfriend #myangel #mylove #mylife #besties #myson #sonshine

The ‘Happy Birthday’ is benign

The ‘My Darling Robert’ is a little over the top and sounds romantic

The ‘You’re five today’ is cute

The “You’re the Love of My Life” – is … I can’t, I just can’t comment on this. Really? Poor daddy.

The ‘You’re My Best Friend’ is utterly ridiculous – how can a five year old be your best friend? C’mon, don’t be an ass! Do you really want a five year old for a best friend? Best Friend status with an offspring shouldn’t happen until that child is at least 30, why would anyone put that burden on a child? And let’s get real are you really going to call five-year old Robbie when you think you left a tampon in for five days? No, you’ll call your real best friend. Then the gyno. Please.

The ‘Made my life complete.’ – #truth.

Hashtags – not even touching this. And I so want too.

Post Two:

I have the Best BEST Friends (you know who you are) in the World! You girls are ALWAYS by My Side (you know when), and Never EVER LET me down, Love You ALL Soooooo Much! #bestfriendsforlife #BFFL #truefriends #funnightout #GNO #hungover #mommyneedsabagel #icedcoffeestat #whathappensin(insert town name) staysin(insert town name) #stilllaughing #lovemyfriends #lifeisgreat #sohungover #thestruggleisreal 

This one is accompanied with a drunk shot of all the ‘besties’

The “I have the Best BEST Friends (you know who they are) in the World! – Passive aggressive much? Why not just tell ALL the other friends that aren’t your best friends that they suck!

The “You girls are ALWAYS by MY Side (you know when)” – Facebook knows all about the ‘you know when’ so don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. And the ALL and ALWAYS as caps are those the digs for the few friends that couldn’t make it out that night?

The ‘Never EVER LET me down’ – you’ve been let down. Whether it was a biggie (stole a boyfriend) or a smallie (forgot to pick up that hangover bagel because you were hungover) it has happened. Every solid friendship has had it challenges that made it stronger, so why not just say that?

The “Love you ALL Soooooo Much” – some truth in here, but do we need to be an 11-year trapped in a 40 year old’s body with the excessive ‘o’; and the caps is again that stinger for the friends whom couldn’t find a sitter or their child projectile vomited on them a hour before they were suppose to go out.

Hashtags – not even touching this. And I so want too.

So … thoughts? Point made? Exaggeration? Am I a cynic, brat, bitch?


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