Live Your Life

By Deanna

Do good. Be good. Respect yourself. Respect others. Love yourself. Love others. Give back, a lot. Be happy. Live life. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Be kind. Today is the day. Love yourself. Don’t judge, or try not to judge, you are not walking in that persons shoes. Be real. Be you because trying to be someone is a lot harder. Be kind. Be caring. Have compassion. Love yourself. Don’t hold a grudge it makes you ugly. Always consider the source. Be kind. Be considerate. Get inspired. Do one thing every day that makes you happy. Have fun. Be silly. Hug someone. Love yourself. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Step out of your comfort zone – just once. Be kind. Inspire someone, anyone, even the dog. Do one thing for someone else than do one thing for yourself. Eat breakfast in bed. Don’t worry about the crumbs. Dance in a mirror or not,  just dance. Laugh, a lot. Share your life with family and friends. Go for a run, walk, do yoga, do something to release the stress. Live your life. Love your life. Live your life for yourself, for your family, spend time with the people that matter. Love yourself. Be kind. Love others. Respect yourself. Respect others. Do good. Be good.
And watch this video, it’s worth every minute of the 22 minutes. 


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One comment on “Live Your Life
  1. Jamie says:

    Holy shit. I'm bawling. Thanks for sharing this. It's beautiful.

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