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Dammit Just Try!

By Deanna

My parents are the type of people that constantly told us to try and not give up. I’ve heard countless times from my father that “you’ll never know unless you try”,  he said this to us for every thing that we wanted in life:
“If you don’t try and give it your best shot, you’ll never know if you will…get picked for the art award,  make the swim team, basketball team, get into your reach school, get that job, that promotion…”
And from my mom: “when you try, and fail, get up and try again”
So yeah, I try to give it my all in everything I do but I also lived enough life to know that sometimes you step in shit, sometimes you cash in your Karma bank and success rains down on you. I’ve lived enough life to know you will work hard and still fail. And that “failure” is temporary. 
And I have succeeded enough to know that you have to be willing to try. That being a kind good respectful person will pay off – in some way.  That you cannot be afraid of succeeding cause if you are you will be unconsciously setting yourself up for failure.
So with this ingrained in my head for a long long time nothing pisses me off than someone not trying anything at all in life. When I hear “I can’t do that” from anyone, I get annoyed really annoyed, how do you know that you can’t do something if you don’t try it? Jeeze.
If you are willing to try, willing to put into the Universe good things, willing to give back to this life, willing to put it all on the line, you will succeed.  
So, dudes, I’m trying it all. And now, at this point in my life, I’m putting it all on the line, hey ya never know what might happen, right?

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The Truth About Being Unemployed: Imitate the Best

By Deanna

I always thought I got the better end of the stick because as a working mom I didn’t have to suffer through homework with my sons, not that I don’t want to help them learn but after a long day at school, of non-stop work for six hours the last thing these boys want to do when they get home from school is more work. I have to say I was kinda of smug about the entire missing homework thing and actually giggled at my hubby when I would receive his “this homework is for the fricking birds!” texts.

Ya, see when I came home from work I got the hugs and the kisses. I missed the cries, the groans and the moans about homework, it was done. All I had to do is give out compliments, positive remarks about the work they brought home and study for some tests. My nights were easy, okay maybe not easy because the whole getting ready for bed: shower, brushing teeth, reading is a nightmare but I digress.

Doing the homework isn’t so bad. It’s actually pretty neat, not every day, the days that I have no idea how to do the new math BLOWS!, the days when I do know how to do the homework is not so bad.

I’ve taken a new approach to this homework too, a new routine if you will, we’ve been hitting the local library a few days after school to get the work done. This new system, is working for us because 1) they have to be quiet in the library 2) they cannot horse around or they will get sneered at by the librarians’ 3) they don’t annoy each other. And I’ve noticed that they do their homework in less time and with more focus.

After they do their work we stay for a half hour or so to explore new books, I mean c’mon, I am totally getting mom of the year? Right? BUT… I wish I could claim this brilliant new routine as my own but I can’t. So I’m a copy-cat. Before my mom got sick, she would pick up my boys from school and take them to the library to do their homework – so I stole her idea. And since my mom has raised five girls, and has helped me tremendously me with my boys, her ideas are pretty stellar.

The Truth About Being Unemployed … imitation is a form of flattery.

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It’s Time For a Comeback

By Deanna


My seventh half marathon is in four weeks. My seventh one. It amazes me that a little over five years ago I never ran a mile in my life, okay I ran a mile but I hated every last second of it. Now not so much.

Six half marathons and I haven’t PR’d since number two.  As most runners do when signing up for races, they look for a PR. I’d be lying if I didn’t dream of a PR. And since I haven’t had one since half marathon number two, and since number six was horrible, I’m due for a comeback.
Ahhhhhhh. The elusive PR.
It hangs over your head like a Twinkie on a string.  For a good 12 weeks, or maybe 14 week and if you got a late start or a really aggressive plan 10 weeks that Twinkie swings back and forth, some days it just scrapes your hands and other days its swinging so fast there is no way you can grab it.
The tempo runs, the long runs, the inconsistent runs, the countless runs on the treadmill because it’s been a pretty crappy winter is that Twinkie swaying back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
And when you plow through a long run that is particularly tough, or you nail your first set of mile repeats and that golden creamy decadent delight is sitting in the palm of your hands, just as you sink your pearly whites into that golden cake, smelling that Twinkie smell, getting ready to taste that delicious cream that PR, ummmm Twinkie is ripped out of your hands with every suck-ass run that you have during your training.
The elusive PR.

Oh yes, I’ll be going for it, oh yes I am.

Cause I did hear that the Twinkie is looking to make a comeback too.

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