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What I’m Learning During (After) Hurricane Sandy

By Deanna

Realizing that the impact from Hurricane Sandy is FAR from over, these are some of  the “things” I have learned thus far:

Having no electric is a temporary annoyance, I’m lucky that I still have my home, and my family is safe. Ask me how I feel after 15 days of no reality TV and no hot water, someone please tell me what happens on Chopped, please!
Hot showers and hot coffee are a luxury.
Being disconnected from the world is bizarre, however having a smart phone and FaceBook has been great and as much as I hate FacebBook sometime it has been the only way to get news, and information in regard to my family and friends. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg.
Sleeping with my children still sucks hurricane or no hurricane, getting kicked in the head by four little legs still hurts but knowing that they are safe with me is kinda sorta worth the black eyes.
Reading is Fundamental. I should tell my children that the power is out every day, they haven’t stopped reading, Richie has been studying, and Matthew is not whining about practicing his site words. Nice!
The kids are alright and so damn resilient, nothing phases them NOTHING. We should all rip a page out of their books.
Sour Milk is sour milk. NEVER taste (or smell) any food that you think “could” be bad. Not a good idea. EVER.
Starbucks Vermont pike blend is STRONG but tastes so good.
The hurricane Sandy diet is amazing... no fast food, limited supply of food, if this continues I should reach my goal weight in days!
People still suck, while waiting in line at Starbucks I overhead someone complain that they didn’t have their mocha latte blah blah blah, really? How about thank you for opening Starbucks, and practice the Kindergarten motto of “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”.  Supplies are limited everywhere PEOPLE.
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I Have Mad Skills

By Deanna

When I was growing up my mother would leave me and my sisters a note with a list of “jobs” that she would want accomplished by the end of every day, it didn’t matter if it was a school day, a lazy day of summer or if a tornado was about to touch down, you read the note and did what was told. The notes that my mother left weren’t short punch lists of the “jobs” that the average mom would expect her latch-key kids to accomplish, most of the times they were an arm’s length long, barely legible, and in our young eyes completely unreasonable:

Yes, you read that correctly, tar the driveway, or did you get tripped up on waxing the floors? My sisters and I accomplished everything on my mother’s list, every day.  Some of us pulled more weight than others (me) but that’s another post for another time and $75 bucks for my therapist.

Yes, at the ripe old age of 16, I tarred the driveway.  One of the many skills I have under my belt. 

Fast forward 24 years later.

As a mom to two boys, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to get them to help in anyway. They are only eight and five, but at five I was weeding the entire garden, and vacuuming the pool, they can certainly help in some ways!

I decided to give my boys “jobs” that they would have to complete every morning, I figured I’d start slow. The jobs are almost laughable but I thought it would reduce the number of times I scream my head off, help us get out of the house on time, and by starting small it would make it easier for them (because isn’t it all about them).  And as they nailed each job, I could always add to their responsibilities. These are their jobs, frankly, now that I think about it, they are getting off easy:

  • *Get dressed, sneakers tied  BEFORE the TV goes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and wash face.
  • *Tell me when it’s 8:20 so we won’t be late for school.
  • *Remind me to give them their vitamins.

It’s been five weeks. They haven’t nailed a thing, and I’m still screaming bloody murder: “GET DRESSED, GET YOUR SHOES ON, EAT BREAKFAST, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, WASH YOUR FACE”.

I think I need a Rose intervention. I feared my mom. My sisters and I were soldiers, every command barked was an order filled.

In the midst of one chaotic morning, as I was screaming until my face turned blue, I mumbled something about the boys not doing their jobs, as soon as that came flying out of my mouth, my five year old turned to me and said “Well, you’re doing your job as the SCREAMER”.

Just another skill under my belt.

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Things Overheard In My House

By Deanna

My house is never ever quiet, whether its my boys fighting, or the television blaring, or the boys yelling over the television, its never ever quiet; lately my boys have actually been talking, having full blown conversations, which to me is progress over the fighting. I can’t believe the “things” that I have overheard in my house; I’ve done this before, but every once in a while I have to revisit it, I mean, I know that I am raising boys however when I hear some of these outrageous “things” I sometimes believe I am raising animals, or I might be raising a  Zen Spa Master?

Mom, did you know that thunder is God farting…
No, honey, I had no idea.  Really?

Matty, ya gotta see this…have you ever seen a poop this size?
This happens EVERY day. Do we really need to examine poop EVERY DAY?

Let’s play Zen Spa…
This came out of the mouth of my FIVE year old. Where does he come from?

Daddy, Daddy, DADDY! Mommy is going to kick you in the butt if you don’t listen to her, and you really don’t want that to happen!
Okay, so maybe I’m doing something right!

Moms got a big ole butt…
We are no longer listening to L.L. Cool J my ego can’t take it. 

Dad’s lazy…
So I guess working overtime, doing the laundry, maintaining the outside of the house, making sure homework is done, playing with them 24/7, making lunches is not enough for my children, they must think I’m a slug, poor Daddy, he can’t even watch TV without being classified as lazy! Damn kids, they know nothing!

God is the BOSS of us, you know that right? Mommy can’t say no!
Again, from the five year old. My usual response: Well kid, GOD made me the boss of you, so I trump God this ONE time!

I need that, so I can smell good for the girls.
The “that” is his Dad’s deodorant, the “who” is the five year old again! Oy vey, I’m in trouble.

I believe beer and chips were invented for moms raising boys.

 photo credit: Sam Ilić via photopin cc

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