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Look Great and Give Back!

By Deanna, is a fabulous company that has just launched a unique concept of connecting moms to some of the best charities around the world, because let’s face it, once we become a mom to one, we become a mom to all. designed and created comfortable shirts that focus on the many jobs that moms manage on a daily basis, you can wear your title proudly, in a smart and sassy fashion! Check out them out.  Are you a Head Laundress? Bartender? Social Coordinator? What hat are you wearing today? Probably all! 

The best part about is that when an order is placed, $5.00 is donated directly to a worthy cause.  Helping us moms, mother all those around the world. How great is that? Give back and look great!

Each cycle a new charity is supported, which is genius, and for the launch of this great company, the July and August 2012 cycle, help support:
Brittany’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation dedicated to aiding and facilitating adoptions of special needs children from around the world. Unicef’s latest figures estimate that more than 153 million children languish in institutions and orphanages around the world; typically in countries which are under-developed and plagued by poverty, social restrictions, and war. If you are an abandoned child with special needs of any kind, chances are slim you will receive the medical care you need to reach your potential. Brittany’s Hope foundation was created with the hope of building a bridge to unite special waiting children and families who wish to adopt a child but are burdened by the substantial cost associated with adopting a child internationally. Although they assist with advocating for special children, Brittany’s Hope Foundation is not an adoption agency. They raise funds and work with adoption agencies to lower the cost of adopting special needs children.

On any given day, multiple times a day as a mom you act as a Bartender, Social Coordinator, Corrections Officer, Marketing Director to support your family, keep them safe, and loved, so pick your title, pick your shirt, and support a great company and charity! is giving YOU a 15% discount
 just use this code: Deannas01READERS732 when ordering! 
The code is vaild until August 6th, 2012.

Learn more about and place your order today!

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In 12 Years I’ll Want A Dutch Oven

By Deanna

The noise level in my home is so loud that it can rival any Motley Crue concert.  The radio and TV are constantly blaring even when my kids are not in the room (hello, shut it off when you leave the room I’ve said it a million times!), with the air conditioning humming, between the two shadows I have vying for my attention – the my four year old spewing out questions in rapid fire, literally anything that pops into his head:  “is birds poop always white?”,  “tonight I’m gunna give you a dutch oven, wanna smell my fart?”, “do you think I can be the next John Cena, oh yea, I’m the next John Cena, you can’t see me” to the eight year old attached like a tail moving in perfect sync with me from room-to-room as he doles out random animal facts while I take a shower:  “Mom, did you know that the winged back duck-tailed turtle only eats shell fish”,  while I’m blowing drying my hair:  “Mom, Mom MOM ya know that was a Gorilla in Ice Age not an Ape, I can tell from it’s butt, ha, it’s butt”, making breakfast: “Once in captivity a Panda ate cereal, for real! He liked Lucky Charms just like me”, folding the laundry: “I bet Matthew would make a good lion, they are carnivores, they sneak up on their prey, Matty loves sausage and he sneaks up on me all the time, I hate when he does that”, mopping the floor (okay, that’s a stretch, I don’t mop) but you get the point.
The noise. It’s so loud. I can’t take it. I want my mommy.
There are days that I just can’t think or form a complete sentence, and if I’m on the verge of actually completing a sentence I’m interrupted with an animal fact or a four year old question on why the sky is blue.  
I get up at 5:00-5:30 a.m.  almost every day for “me time” to exercise, to unwind, to stay fit, to begin my day so I don’t go bat shit crazy. But some days, even if it’s an hour of hard core sweat it still doesn’t quell the desire to put a muzzle on my children. 
There I said it.  Muzzle my children.
“Please honey, give me a minute I need to think.”  “Let’s play the quiet game now, no talking till we get home.”  “Stop, stop, STOP talking I can’t think.” “Don’t come to me unless there is blood, I need my privacy in the bathroom.”
I’ve said it all.
I even yelled “SHUT UP!”  Oh the horror.  Not my proudest moment.
Oy. To. The. Vey.
I long for some quiet. You would think that at work I’d get some relief but it’s actually worse. 60 women over 40 it’s WAY worse.
I bet, no I know when the house is empty, when my boys are teenagers, in College, hanging with their friends, wanting no part of me, I’ll long for the noise. I’ll long for the farts, for the random animal facts and questions, hell I’ll probably long for just a shrugged “hey”.
In my quest for silence, in my quest for a moment of peace, I guess I’ll have to find that in the car, on my runs, or maybe I’ll lock the shower door because now I do, I do have to stop and listen, so I’ll get more than a shrug when their 18, and hopefully a dutch oven or two.
Yes I just said that too.  

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AHALife and Instagram’s #UpGradeYourLife Contest

By Deanna

LOVE Instagram?
Want To Meet A World Renowned Fashion Photographer? is innovatively combining the prestige of avant garde fashion photography with the widespread social currency of Instagram in a first-of-its-kind photography competition

AHAlife, the leading editorialized e-commerce platform for luxury goods and curated gifts, is hosting a three week photography competition (through July 31st) on Instagram, encouraging users to take photos illustrating how they #UpgradeYourLife, a core value at AHAlife. The winner will be chosen by world-renowned French fashion photographer and former creative director of Elle magazine, Gilles Bensimon.

 The contest is left open for interpretation – any photos that you feel #UPGRADEYOURLIFE work!
The grand prize winner will receive a rare opportunity to intimately meet one of the world’s most distinguished fashion photographers Gilles Bensimon over cocktails in New York City, receive a signed copy of his book “Photography: No Particular Order,” along with a two-night stay at Gild Hall, a Thompson Hotel, in downtown Manhattan. Additionally, the winner and six runner-ups will have their photographs featured on, curated by Gilles with a portion of proceeds being donated to a charity of each winner’s choice.

Each product on has a quality that upgrades your life, and we look forward to working with Gilles to engage our Instagram users to share their AHA moments with us, and featuring their original works on our site,” says CEO Shauna Mei.

About launched in September 2010 by MIT engineer-turned commerce and media industry expert, Shauna Mei and has been at the forefront of the major industry trend merging content, curation and commerce. The dynamic site has been embraced by the industry with its distinctive positioning and core value to redefine the consumer experience in the digital space as the only true luxury marketplace. The unparalleled offering of hand-selected products ranges from beauty to fashion, technology, food and home décor and are all united by their superior quality, unique provenance and innovation. AHAlife has their finger on the pulse of with an eclectic community of industry insiders such as Rachel Roy, Deepak Chopra, Daniel Boulud, Donna Karan and more who continuously curate their unique finds. The diverse product selection offers consumers a discovery shopping experience each time they visit the site.

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