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I Know This Much True

By Deanna

*Being stressed sucks. I don’t stop for one moment at work, and I can’t take it, I don’t even take a lunch, I eat, no throw food down my throat. Calgon take me away. 

* Today is my Thursday.

* Camping rocks*. I will be making smore’s, downing drinks, fishing, definitely going for some hikes maybe a run and watching my children enjoy themselves this weekend and I can’t wait.

* Positive thoughts breeds positivity.  I’m really trying but when you are in a negative environment for eight hours a day, it’s hard to live that. I try to live as every day is a blessing but it’s hard but I’m trying.

* “Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting golden delicious.” – Bill Meyer.

+Is it camping if I’m staying in a cabin? There’s no running water!

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I’ve Gained So Much

By Deanna

I’m in the middle of week five of The Gunnar Peterson Challenge, and with only three more weeks left, I am extremely happy about The Gunnar Challenge in general – the website, the support, the workouts, meal plans and Gunnar* himself!

I have lost a total of 4.8 pounds (7.8 pounds since the beginning of #PSMAD), and 12 inches across my entire body (chest, arms, waists and thighs) I was actually FLOORED that I lost that many inches in just four weeks, was it possible I asked myself? I re-measured, checked my initial measurements, and yep, it sure is possible!

When I went through this a few years back, I thought I had this nailed, but obviously I didn’t, I gained some weight back;  with this challenge I am learning once again the power of good nutrition, the importance to love yourself,  treat yourself with kindness and I so needed that.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m never going to have a chip or McDonald’s again cause that would be a lie, but I will tell you that I believe I can honestly live in moderation and not just tell myself that when I feel guilty because I had those chips or fries, but seriously get that balance that I have been striving for.

Aside from the obvious results, what I am most happy about is my determination, that I’m learning to love myself for the person I am, and who I am becoming; I’m happy that I am following-through and making it happen! I’ve been in this “spot” before, I know what it feels like, I know how it’s “clicking”, I know I am “getting it” as I am conscious about having my vegetables, about not eating processed food that understanding my emotions behind the chips I’m downing when I’m not even hungry.  This time around, I do feel stronger, my weekends are getting better – I get back on-track faster and I do feel focused – not just about losing weight I feel focused about my continued growth – as person, as a runner, as a wife and a mom.  

As the challenge comes to an end, I might not lose the last 14 pounds over the next three weeks and that’s alright, I can’t be upset, no, I won’t be upset because I am truly gaining so much more and not in my ass and stomach, I’m gaining love, self-respect, balance and these will positively impact every aspect of my life. How can I possibly be upset about that?

*Gunnar records the “Daily Vitamin” videos that I watch daily, and they are informative, deep and hilarious!!

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The Man I Married

By Deanna

In 1992 I met my husband in College we were young and silly, stupid and fun but I’d never believed that…
* 20 years ago I didn’t know that between keg stands, funnels and shooting beer from his frat brothers boots (just so you know, that  was all me) that I’d fall in love.
* 20 years ago I never knew that I’d marry this quiet, handsome, intelligent  man with nicknames such as “Sonic” and “Coach”.
* 20 years ago no one told me that this boy would grow into a man, an unbelievable man who cooks, does the laundry, vaccums, and mops the floor, how the hell did I get so lucky?!   
* 20 years ago I didn’t know that is loving, sensitive, burger eating, beer drinking man’s man would be my rock.
* 20 years ago I didn’t know that this hockey playing, all around athlete would be as funny as he is strong, and would only communicate in movie quotes – I now can recite lines from Brave Heart, Godfather, and any other movie without even seeing them. Help me.
* 20 years ago I didn’t have a clue that this man would be the most amazing father and would love his children more than life itself.
* 20 years ago I had no idea that this mohawk wearing boy who loved music (and still does), especially the Red Hot Chili Peppers, would love me unconditionally and completely for who I am, never asking me to change my ways, my hair, my weight, or my loud Italian mouth.  
* 20 years ago no one told me that this video game junkie, WWF wrestling loving dude would 20 years later still be a video game junkie and WWF wrestling lover –can I get a damn break here? 
* 20 years ago no one told me that this college boy from my same hometown just one grade below would be so intense, soulful, and would have so much integrity that it would bother him if I told him that we went for ice-cream when really we were at Bob’s Italian ices.
* 20 years ago no one told me that 20 years later I’d still be in love with this man. I love you!
Happy Father’s Day!

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