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A Lesson Learned On A Family Vacation

By Deanna

After a hellacious three weeks of work, constant go, go, go with the kids, getting up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise I was really looking forward to our annual trip to Maryland. Every year my cousin throws a spectacular party during the Memorial Day weekend, and since last year we had to miss it I really was looking forward to this great weekend away – to relax and spend time with family – we grew up like siblings so it’s important to us to visit when we have the opportunity.  

And I needed the time away.

The drive to Maryland from New York is usually five hours but this trip was a clean nine hours! Ugh. It was a grueling trip of being stuck in traffic for a solid two hours of NO movement.  It was miserable. I was going insane but remarkably the boys were not. I was really impressed with them; they hardly fought, and were unbelievably behaved.

Totally patting myself on the back.  

After we arrived, we settled into the hotel room, got dinner, hit the hay.  The next day began crappy as I got text after text from co-workers that something was amiss at the office. The news was really upsetting, and I was ready to go crazy. I couldn’t believe what was happening and didn’t know how to handle the information.  My gut reaction was to immediately react, but I decided to look at the big picture, and realized that this job will be just a blip on my life’s map.  

I had a choice to make – ruin my mini-vacation or not.

I chose not to ruin it.

It wasn’t fair to me, my children, or my sisters and their families.  I took a step back, tried to calm down and realized that this was out of my control, I was out of town, there was nothing I could do to right this wrong, and there was nothing my employer was going to do, so I said “It is what it is” – a definite lesson learned, and it didn’t ruin a fabulous weekend which was the main objective.  There was sightseeing in DC, dinner with family; the next day was a sun and fun at a local pool and spray park and than an equally as fun luau at my cousin’s gorgeous home!

Air & Space Museum

The lesson from this weekend was definitely every action has a reaction– I’m glad I took a step back, and was able to disconnect from a very ugly situation – I feel like a grown up, well sorta.  

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A Match Made In Heaven: Me & Gunnar

By Deanna

As you may have read, I am embarking on #PSMAD Project Slim My Ass Down so I can get rid of – for good – the remaining weight that needs to get off my ass. So far, I’m down 4 pounds, which is great. I do wish it was more, but I can’t even go there because that’s a boring boring story. And one we have all heard before…unfortunately!

Nevertheless last week an opportunity arose that I snatched up faster than you can say “Snooki drinks too much” and was given the opportunity to participate in The Gunnar Peterson Challenge.

This gift was given to me by ModernMom and I am forever grateful.

The Gunnar Peterson Challenge is an 8 week program that was designed by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. The meal plan and training programs are delivered to you weekly via an amazing multi-functional website that has it all – the tools are awesome (videos of each and every exercise, training logs, daily diary, forums to connect with other members going through the program,just to name some of them), plus you receive a personalized message from Gunnar…daily! Hello, can we say fabulous?!

I’m on day three of the challenge and really feel that I have already been tested physically and emotionally.

And I need that.

If I’m not tested and challenged I won’t be able to get out of the space I’m living in, and I can’t  reside here anymore; it’s just too blah, the walls need to be painted, the bathroom has to be redone, the grass is not green, and the flowers are dead. I am in need of a renovation and ModernMom and The Gunnar Challenge stepped in with the paint, the new sink, fertilizer and seeds, and now it’s up to me to add the water, and use all the other necessary tools available to me, to get it done.

And I am so very grateful.

The best part of the challenge, I get to do it with my sister Stephanie, and some great friends Rebecca from The Real Mom Of OC, and Betsy of Gluten Free Betsy. I’m stoked because the support is so necessary!

Thank you ModernMom and Gunnar Peterson, I’m ready to Look Great In 8!

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How Do You Know Your Children Love You?

By Deanna

By the mere fact that I’m a mom that I live for my children and basically fulfill their every need: feed them, wash and iron their clothes, wipe their asses and love them to death one would think that I’d be secure in the fact that my children indeed love me.

And I am.  Or so I thought.

The “I hate you’s”, “you’re the worst mom in the entire universe” and the “you never let us do anything fun” spike my ego from time-to-time with a little “insecurity punch”.

Don’t get me wrong I get the hugs, the kisses and I loves you’s, and they feel so good but I never gave it a second thought because isn’t it really their job to do that, to tell me these things? Just like it’s their job to talk incessantly, have tantrums, and bend over, hands on the floor, tushie perchedin the air screaming, “MOM I finished pooping, wipe my butt”.  

Saturday I was gone for a full day to attend a blogging conference in Philadelphia,the Bloggy Boot Camp, #BBCPhilly. I left for the conference at 6:00 a.m. and I wrote my family a note to say goodbye – I was making the two hour trek alone and was nervous that God forbid I died in a firey crash I wanted to make sure that my boys knew I loved them, that my husband knew I loved him and that they need to wear clean underwear – all the time.

I wrote the note, taped it to the wall where they’d see it and didn’t think a thing about it for another second; until two hours into the conference when I received a text from my husband that said “Matty had tears in his eyes when Richie read him your note this morning.” Tears in his eyes? Really? This is the son that drives me to hell and back, has intentionally flushed two bars of soap down the toilet, jumps out of a window and constantly tells me that, “I’m not the boss of him!”

I texted back to tell them that I loved and miss them too.  End of story, or so I thought, until about mid-way through the conference I saw I had a phone message from home. My initial thought was “oh shit my husband lost a child somewhere”. I excused myself, walked out and heard the following message from my four year old: “Mama, I love you, when are you going come back, are you gunna come back tomorrow or you will come back during this day, bye Mama I love you”.  

And I lost it. Yep, I had my own Sally Field “My children love me, they really love me” moment and then realized that I kinda take their love for granted. I didn’t think they cared whether I was there or not because heck their every need is taken care of; I wrongly assumed that it didn’t matter that it was me or a monkey that’s handing them their juice box. 

When I returned from the conference later that I night the little one was sleeping, the big one said he missed me too. The very next morning when the little one woke up I didn’t get the big reunion I envisioned instead he walked right past me into the bathroom and about two minutes later I heard“MOMMY, I’mmmm DOONNNEEE, WIPE MY BUTT!” 

Apparently it means a lot that I wipe his ass and not a monkey!

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