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I Know This Much Is True

*Some parents take seven-eight year old soccer way to seriously. I’m so thankful that my son’s team is laid back, yes they’d like to win more, but a nice group of children and parents is better than a win any day of the week!

*Patience is a virtue. Life can’t be rushed, actually nothing should be rushed, a little push here and there maybe but things happens for a reason, so Deanna, have some patience’s!

*Bridesmaids, the movie is hilarious. I’ve watched it five times in the last four days. It makes me laugh out loud, and I love that! Laughing is good!

*Doing one thing every day that makes you happy is a great life lesson, working on it.

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Are You A Space Invader?

I’ve recently notice that a majority of the general public violates a complete stranger’s personal space. Whatever happened to personal space? These space invaders have no concept of it; remember Seinfeld’s close talker, well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These space invaders are everywhere at the gym, in the supermarket, at the ATM machine, they take over your personal space, and it’s annoying! These people are natural space invaders, and have to be clueless! Or maybe they really don’t really care.

When I was at spin class the other day, the studio was basically empty, out of 45 bikes, 20 were empty. I choose a bike that was in the second to last row (its studio seating, so nice!) fifth bike in, there were two seats to my left and three to my right that were empty, as well as almost two empty rows of bikes behind me. Two minutes after I got situated on my bike, a fellow spinner chose the bike right next to me, really? Is that necessary? Do I need to sweat on you?

At Stop & Shop on Sunday, as I was packing my groceries, ya know helping a sister out because dude she doesn’t need to do it all; when I was asked to pay the woman behind me was right in front of the little card thingy. Really? You need to be that close, step back bitch I need my space! I actually had to say “excuse me” wherein she backed up a half an inch I felt her breathing on my neck when I was entering in my secret code. Is there any privacy? Now I have to change my secret code because she basically entered it for me.

I ran to Petco the other night, two minutes before it was closing. The parking lot was empty. I literally threw my car into a spot which was empty, thankfully cause I would of hit a car they way I was driving. I was in and out of Petco within ten minutes, when I got to my car I tried to hop in but couldn’t, a car had pulled in right next to my hot little mini-van? The lot was empty. Really? I had about a inch to open my door and squeeze in. Do you know what it feels like to smush two double d boobs into a car with about an inch of room? The car door could barely opened and my boobs, well let’s just say I don’t need a mammogram this year. HELLO? There were at LEAST 50 free spots, must you wedge your car right next to mine. Must you?

Today, when I went to the bathroom at work, I was thrilled that there was no one in any of the three stalls I choose the last stall in the bathroom leaving first two stalls as you enter the bathroom wide open, wide open. As I closed the door to do my business a co-worker entered the stall right next to me. Right next to me. Isn’t there a general rule of thumb that you never take the stall next to someone unless you’re in dire need? Did I really need to hear her tinkle?

Am I missing something? Maybe it’s me? Maybe I need more space than the average person? Could that be possible? Or is the real problem I’m not as much as a people person as I think I am!?

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I Hope…

It’s common knowledge around the blogging community that if a blogger is stumped for blog content, or we’re lazy, we bloggers pumped out a list. Well, people, this week I’ve was stumped for content, okay, I was lazy.

Here is a list of things that I hope for…

* I hope…for torrential down pour on Sunday so my sons soccer game is cancelled. Yes, I do. Bad mommy. I know. I don’t want to sit at a game chasing a four year old in the rain. Because they make eight year olds play in the rain as if they are playing in the World Cup. Enough already.

* I hope…that one day I’ll find balance in all areas of my life. 

* I hope…that tonight when I have some drinks that I have the wisdom to pace myself.

* I hope…for World Peace. Because this fighting all over the World is bull shit and not necessary. I’m a lover not a fighter.

* I hope…that my sons, my family, my gorgeous nieces and nephews stay healthy, and if their health is in anyway compromised, I hope for a quick, painless recovery.

* I hope…that one day my sons will actually pick up their crap without my husband and I screaming bloody murder 24/7.

* I hope…that one day my husband and I can take a tropical vacation.

* I hope…one day I can see that 2:00 hour half marathon.

* I hope…that my friends and I stay as close as ever, we’ve been through it all and then   some. 

* I hope…that one day all the asshats in this world realize that they are asshats and stop being asshats.

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