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I Know This Much Is True

By Deanna

Being sick stinks. The stomach virus has finally arrived in our home, 3 out of 4 of us have it. Good times, good times. The only good thing about the stomach virus is that it may be a little boost in my weight loss endeavors, (I know so bad) other than that, it’s painful and annoying.

Work gets in the way of life.  Seriously, there are too many things going on (birthday parties to plan, children to raise, houses to clean, half marathons to train for, swim practice to get to, scramble to play, laundry to do…and the list goes on); working full time just doesn’t fit into my schedule.  Serenity now.

My smoothies rock. Recipe: 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 cup of baby spinanch, 1 cup of Trop 50 Mango/Pineapple Juice, 1 tablespoon peanut butter. Can’t wait to chug it down! Yummo!

Venus in Fur.  Broadway play tonight with my college friendsneed I say more?

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Yep, It Was The Socks

By Deanna

Half Marathon Training, Week Two

Week two of my half marathon training didn’t go as I planned. I crapped out and choose sleep over any other option.  Hubby worked a lot, and my children were off from school for winter break.  So, I did the best I could.

Monday: Speed work on Monday – 3 miles

Tuesday: Crossed trained, Spinned – 20 miles

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Slug

Saturday: 5 miles, with some hills

I could have gotten up to do some free style weights on Wednesday, and Thursday and should have scheduled a run on Friday but sleep won. I was exhausted from the mini-vacation I took the kids on to an indoor water park on Wednesday and Thursday. I went with my sisters sans our husbands and was so wiped out, hustling two boys through a hotel, getting them dressed, feeding them, following them through a water park, making sure each has my attention was a lot of work, didn’t mind it one bit but I was exhausted.

In my defense, I did try to go to the hotel gym on Thursday (leaving the kids in the hotel room unattended for an hour or less isn’t so bad, right? KIDDING). I dragged the kids with me only to find that the hotel gym was disgusting – all the machines had dust covered all over them, the floor was grimy, one of the two treadmills was take apart and all the pieces were scattered throughout the gym. I opted out, and just made sure I did what I could throughout the day – took stairs, did some sumo squats, high knees, kicks, treaded water in the lazy river instead of using a tub, or ran alongside the kids, but it wasn’t the same.

On top of the no running for three days I also ate a lot of starbursts, Nacho’s, and fries so when Saturday rolled around I was positive it would be a craptastic run, but it wasn’t, not in the least, I took it slow and was really happy with my performance not sure if it was the rest, the starbursts, the coke I chugged or the fabulous new socks that my sister got me, personally, I think it was the socks.

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Forgiveness February

By Deanna


   fərˈgɪv[fer-giv] verb, -gave, -giv•en, -giv•ing.
verb (used with object) 
1. to grant pardon for or remission of (an offense, debt, etc.); absolve.
2. to give up all claim on account of; remit (a debt, obligation, etc.).
3. to grant pardon to (a person).
4. to cease to feel resentment against: to forgive one’s enemies.
5. to cancel an indebtedness or liability of: to forgive the interest owed on a loan.
verb (used without object)
6. to pardon an offense or an offender.

It seems the theme for February has been forgiveness, last night was another example of how important it is to learn how to forgive yourself, or someone else – I was taught this lesson from an unexpecting teacher – I love learning these lessons from so many different aspects of my life – life is a big classroom, it really is true!

I’ve been struggling with forgiveness for a long time (especially the last few months); perplexed at myself, and others to be frank.

Forgiveness is hard; it’s absolving yourself or someone for something that hurt you terribly, it’s the ultimate act of acceptance and love. It takes a strong person to extend an apology but an even stronger person to accept that apology and forgive. 

Not forgiving yourself or someone else impacts how you live your life, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you teach your children those same lessons.

I realized last night that forgiveness is so very important to move on, to close the door, and become the best person I need to be. At 41 I am learning this, I want my children to learn it now, so they can live the best life they are capable of, and maybe they won’t have to struggle like I have.

My children will only learn from example.

I forgive myself.

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