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Owning It: 2011 A Year in Review

By Deanna

What a year! I can’t believe how time flies; I so remember when my parents or aunts/uncles would say “boy, how the time flies” and never really understood what it meant. Until now. I think popping kids out of your vajayjay or in my case cut through my stomach, training for an endurance race (triathlon, half or full marathon) are true indicators on how fast time flies. My oldest son will be eight this year, WTF?

I’m sure there are other indicators but this is what does it for me.

Anyhoo… I certainly learned a lot this year, it was for me, a year of personal growth, and since I’m all about honesty, and it seems that my theme for this year was “owning my crap”, I unfortunately grew physically as well and successfully packed on ten pounds… mother effferrr! mother effffeerrrrrr!! Moving on, owning it.

Nevertheless, this is what I learned in 2011:

1) I’ve learned that you can’t control crazy, whether the crazy is your son throwing a tantrum because you didn’t make his oatmeal right, or it’s some nut-case on line at the grocery store – I can’t control anyone’s actions but my own, so I sit back, relax, and let crazy happen, oh, and get my child to clean up the oatmeal thrown on the floor – owning my crap and moving on.

2) 20 minutes, that’s all it takes, 20 minutes of attention – play time, reading, going to the park and my children will stop screaming my name at the top of their lungs, owing parenthood, and being present, putting down the damn dishes, and the iphone! I realized this late …yea, wish this beauty hit me in the face in January.

3) When I made a mistake whether big, small or TREMENDOUS with ANYONE – I learned to own it, and own it right away. If I’m not forgiven… it’s not my problem I owned it and I have no control over anyone’s feelings or reactions. See above.

4) I can accomplish anything… if I owned my responsibilities, I was able to train and finish two half marathons, cross the finish line at two triathlons, run seven 5K’s and one 10K; I also got published, continued to raise two happy children which means I can do anything I set my mind to even while I wrangle those two happy slappy kids, work full time, and try to manage a home – even though I don’t clean it as much as I should. I still can do anything I set my mind to. Owning the dirty house too!

5) If I want to change my life – to be a better parent, make time for the hubby, write more, get published and paid (so I can hire a cleaning lady, I fricking HATE to clean), run more, Tri more, get organized, lose weight, start yoga, clean my house, blog more, become a brand ambassador, be a better person, become a spin instructor (a late 2012- early 2013 goal)…it’s up to me to do it and to own it; change starts with me and only me.

This year, 2011, I’ve learned to own it… my life, my actions, to be honest with myself and those around me.

As 2012 quickly approaches…I usually don’t “do” New Year’s Resolution but this year, I am.

I’m going to throw caution to the wind.

So what are my resolutions? See number five above.

Do you do resolutions? Share them! If not, why?

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A Christmas Lesson… From a 7 Year Old

By Deanna

As a parent to a seven and four year old the pressure to play Santa Clause weighed heavy on me this year. I have created this illusion in my head that my kids had to have the best Christmas ever, I’m not sure if it’s because I started the season in a piss poor mood so I felt I needed to make sure I ended the season with shits and giggles.

I didn’t want to fail them.

I wanted to make sure that we created a Christmas miracle, and it would be as magical as a Criss Angel walking on water, shouldn’t that be Jesus? But wait, that can’t happen cause he wasn’t born yet.

Shit, I’m getting all confused.

You see, the seven year old believes in Santa with all his heart, he was beyond excited, counting down the days, looking for the Elf on the Shelf daily, explaining to the four year old that he needed to behave or he’ll get coal, loving every Christmas special.

This boy was so delicious, so excited for Christmas that I started to panic.
What if I screwed up? I mean, I’m already screwing up, I’m sure he’ll be running to therapy at the age of 25 but I didn’t need “Mom screwed up Christmas at the age of seven” added to his already long list.

Two days out with his list in my hand, the pressure to make this the best Christmas EVER started to wane, I realized we had almost everything covered, everything except the puppy, I couldn’t make it that much of a Christmas miracle… give me a break people!

But it wasn’t until Christmas Eve when the seven year old told me that he was going to write a note to Santa thanking him for all the gifts that I realized that it doesn’t matter what we get them, the true reason for the season is being grateful for what we have, and having love in our hearts.

And yes, it took a seven year old to help me with that. Go figure.

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A Year of Races – 2011

By Deanna

Wow, what a year! In January 2011, I made a decision to run a race a month. Below are the races that I completed. I almost made the 12, but I messed up with the Turkey Trot, see below! All in all it was a GREAT year of races, I can’t believe how far I have come, it was only a few years that I started to run, and take my weight loss seriously, so although I am not happy with some of my finishes I have to look at the big picture and not my big ass. I am desperate to run a consistent 10 minute mile (or less!), I may not have done it in 2011 so I believe it will now be 2012’s goal!

1) NYS Park Winter Run Series, 5K: 32:59 Finish

2) 3 x 2 Relay Greater Long Island Running Club can’t find my finish time! Boo!

3) More Half Marathon: 2:25 Finish

4) Virtual Race For Japan Earthquake Relief 5K: 34:00 Finish, actually received a race bib and everything!

5) John Theissen’s Children Foundation 5K 35:42 Finish

6) Katie’s Run 5K: 35:17 Finish

7) Mighty North Fork Triathlon: 1:23:24 Finish

8) Run For Hope 5k: 33:12 Finish

9) Westchester Triathlon: 1:57 Bike Finish, overall our team finished in 3:49

10) Diva Half Marathon: 2:34 Finish

11) Turkey Trot – The Turkey Trot that wasn’t, click here for an explanation! Five miles 59:47 Finish

12) Ho Ho Ho 5K: 34:14 Finish

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