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Hello, Balance, Where Are You?

By Deanna

I need Balance.
I need Balance.
I need Balance.

If I say enough do you think I’ll find it?

As a 58 pound loser, that had a seven month spread in the national recognized Health Magazine documenting my weight loss; guidance, help and support from a world class nutritionist, an amazing trainer and gym membership at one of the most exclusive gyms in the country FREE mind you, who has run five half marathons, two Ragnar Relay’s, completed my first Tri, and has completed countless 5 and 10k’s you’d think that I’d be preaching what balance is, and what it means to myself in the least!

And I do. I do. I REALLY do. But I guess I really don’t cause I keep falling off that damn balance wagon way too much.

What does balance mean to me? Eating right (no processed foods, three fruits, five veggies a day, lean protein with three “treats” a week) exercising regularly and if I happen to veer off my healthy eating path and head over to “Bagel Lane” or “Pizza Alley” or the “Beer Garden” that I’m able to get back on the right path the next day, and if I happen to hit some rocks in the road and get all emotional that I’m able to successfully work through my emotions instead of stuffing them with food.

I know that balance starts with me that I am responsible for my own actions but I swear there is a switch in my brain that flips from normal (ok that might be questionable) to “go eat and fill that emotion with ANY food you can find” when life throws those rocks at me (those rocks can be anything from a car accident to my four year olds tantrum to well anything) and when it happens it’s a domino effect; and I’m heading straight for the path of destruction, and if I don’t get off that path right then and there I better hold on tight cause it’s going to be a bumpy ride filled with emotions, depression and eating lots of crap. And than fast forward two weeks and five pounds later, depression is now leading to despair and I’m so off course that the only thing that will help me get back on my healthy living path is a swift kick in the ass, or a frying pan to the head. And really who wants that?

But seriously I don’t want to go through life with its many bumps and get derailed every time, I want to be able to balance my emotions and food whenever life gets too crazy, or when my children get sick, or I don’t PR at a race – without feeling that the only way to feel good is in the comfort of a donut sliding down my throat; or how about enjoying a weekend away with a few libations, maybe a steak, potatoes and some apple crisp and not feel like I just murdered a kitten. That’d be nice.

So my question to myself is: how do I stay on my healthy living path when life throws some rocks on the road, or when life just happens? I’m not sure I have a clear answer to my question, but as I write this post I believe the only answer for me is to try and feel my emotions, talk or write through them and to develop some sort of mantra to repeat over and over and over again that will physically stop me from running to the biggest bag of chips to fill my emotional holes. And really, do I need that grease on my fingertips? My kids stain enough of my clothes.

*Post was orignally published at Becoming Rooks.

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I Know This Much Is True – DISNEY Edition

* This is what a $100 breakfast looks like.

* This was the view outside our room window, my boys reacted with such excitement each day as if they are seeing these animals for the first time. PRICELESS!

* And I might just build this jail in my basement, they seem to like it!

* You see one damn parade you see them all but the look of wonder in my boys eyes is worth every bone in my weary body.

* This trip was NOT a vacation.

* Dropping the F bomb in Disney is strictly prohibited. Oops!!

* The fastpass RULES!

And some more pictures to enjoy:

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Becoming Rooks

By Morgan

Hi readers! My name is Morgan and I blog over at Becoming Rooks. I am so excited that Deanna asked me to guest blog for her today about healthy living!

I started my blog as a way to blog about my wedding, but after I got married my blog evolved into a way to talk about my strives to live a healthy life. I talk a lot about running, fitness and trying to eat healthy with some fashion posts thrown in every now and again.

Healthy living is something new for me. I grew up in a house where vegetables were always coated in butter and reading was valued over running. Food was comfort when you were sad and a reward when you did well. Portions were large and snacks were plentiful. I went from a chubby child to an overweight teen to an obese adult. I started my first diet when I was in the 7th grade.

When I hit my high weight several years ago, I knew something had to change. I felt horrible and I knew I was eating myself into an early grave. I lost 15 pounds quickly through 100 calorie packs and fat free everything. But then I gave up because I was tired of yet another cycle of eating the same low-calorie processed food, losing a bit and then gaining it back. One day, after reading a nutrition book I borrowed from the library, it finally clicked for me and I began my healthy living life.

I started making small changes: I eliminated foods with high fructose corn syrup. Then I eliminated foods with trans fats. After that I made the switch to whole grains. Learning proper portion sizes and making healthy choices followed. I started the Couch to 5k program and ran my first half marathon in 2010. I am currently training for my second (and third!) half marathon.

For those who come from unhealthy backgrounds like myself, making the change isn’t easy. But it’s worth it. To date, I have lost 60+ pounds and am close to reaching my healthy weight goal. More importantly, I feel better, I’m happier and I am constantly surprising myself with what I can accomplish.

If you are looking to become healthier, my recommendation is start small. Make one small healthy change, become comfortable with it, and then make another. You won’t always be perfect with your choices, and that’s okay. You’ll see on my blog I still indulge in tater tots and frozen custard every once in a while! Healthy living is about living a balanced life.

I’d love to help out anyone looking to take the first steps to healthy living. Please feel free to e-mail me at becomingrooks (at) or check out my blog at Becoming Rooks.

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