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On Monday night I attended my first blogger event hosted by Spa Week. The opportunity was literally handed to me by a blogger friend Janice at FitCheerleader. Janice is from Canada and couldn’t travel to NYC to attend, so I got very lucky! The event was a pre-launch to SpaWeek, which is October 10th-16th. SpaWeek is on a mission to pamper everyone, especially Mom across North America! During SpaWeek participating spas are offering $50 treatments including scrubs, massages, facials, pedicures, and get this, 78 LifeSpa locations are also offering free childcare for two hours – they know that us Mom’s need to get our relaxation on! Is that incredible or what? So not only was this an event I wanted to be at, but a program that I am happy to be associated with.

I was able to attend the event with a guest, so I lured one of my best friends with me, I dangled the chance at raffles, a goody bag and being able to have some of the wonderful spa treatments at SpaMerge to come with me; with the chance of a pedicure, manicure, facial, eye brow waxing and massages this was not an event to pass up!

When we arrived at the event we were both a little clueless, my friend is not a blogger, has no idea about twitter, and probably has no idea the internet exists…okay that’s pushing it but you get the point, we were greeted by the fabulous staff from SpaWeek, than the SpaMerge entourage welcomed us with mimosa’s, refreshing water and provided us with a wonderful array of spa treatments to choose from; we selected manicures, noshed on delish appetizers and met some adorable bloggers. I had fun conversations with Alicia from Mommy Delicious, Gina from Mommy Posh and the gals from Mommy Mingle. I probably should have worked the crowd a little more, but I was feeling a little sheepish, and once I latched onto these girls, it was all I needed.

The manicures provided from SpaMerge were fantastic, and a very talented waxer, Vicky who was featured in New York Times stalked me to get my eyebrows done, I turned her down a few times before I finally gave in, when else will I be able to get my eyebrows from a famed specialist, and free?!

Nonetheless, it was a really fun night, with some great women, at a wonderful, pleasant and relaxing venue. It was just what this mama needed! I’m also happy to to now be a proud member of the Hot Mom Spa Squad (#hotspamoms) which basically means that I’m one lucky lady –my major responsibility is to make sure that every mom out there gets pampered – check back here for Spa Gift Card giveaways, reviews and other fun spa related spa “stuff” that will help us all get our relaxation on.

Thank you SpaWeek!

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  1. Had a blast chatting it up with you! We have to meet up again…meeting "real" people like yourself makes these events so much fun!

  2. I was there too! Sorry we didn't link up!:(

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