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Next Stop The Grotto…

By Deanna

I’ve come to conclusion during our 48 hour Hurricane Irene lock down that my husband and I are raising love bunnies. Mushy mushy love bunnies. During those long longs hours of waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit I was literally a jungle gym. My boys wouldn’t leave my side For. A. Minute. If I was lounging on the couch flipping from The Weather Channel to ABC, to CBS to NBC desperately trying to see when the 80mph winds would slam into my house they’d take a running leap from the kitchen and jump onto me; while we played Connect Four they’d hug me between turns; during my sumo-squats (in attempts to stay away from the fridge) they attacked me how I didn‘t bonk the littlest bugger with my five pound weight is beyond me.

The kisses I think outweighed the hugs. At one point my soon-to-be-four year old I believe was a St. Bernard because he was lapping me with so many kisses my entire cheek was drenched, soaked, disgustingly soaked. The never ending kisses assaulted me as I was going to the bathroom, they hunted me down when I was doing the laundry, they kissed me up when we were reading, when we were eating, when we were watching our 1,005th episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

I loved the affection, I really did but after a while I was definitely feeling a little claustrophobic. I began to wonder if I was starving my kids of attention? Were they showering me with this love because they don’t get it? I try to hug and kiss my children daily as I’m diligently working on the showing-my-kids-my-love-and-affection-regularly but this behavior was over the top!

As the day turned into night, and Hurricane Irene continued on her path I laid my children down to bed. As we watched our 1,0006th episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants I rubbed my littlest buggers belly. He loves it, he purrs like a kitten but than he flipped the switch on me. He started rubbing my chest, right above my boobs, it was a safe territory until he swiftly ran his hands over my boobies, right over my boobies. Like a Fonzie move, that slick. HELLO? Completely shocked I gently grabbed his hands and told him that he couldn’t do that EVER and he said very inquisitively “why”, which I replied “because they are my privates, they’re mommies boobies”, wherein he so quickly replied “NO, no they’re not, they’re daddy’s”.


I can attest that it is not a constant love fest in my house, my husband and I show our affection to each-other appropriately, in fact sometimes I don’t think we show the boys enough hand-holding, or kissing.

But clearly we do, because I’m not raising attention deprived children, I’m raising Hugh Hefner’s.

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What I’m learning from Hurricane Irene…

By Deanna

My Backyard, see that field? Very worried about that tree with these winds, uh oh.

*I have no patience at all.

*I’m not a jungle gym, my kids think I am but really I’m not.

*My kids can be really annoying, yeah I said it, I’ve been trapped in the house for 36 hours with them, I can say anything I want.

*Being prepared is cool. I’m uncool. I thought I was having a party so all my party supplies would of dubbed as my Hurricane Irene supplies, I came to my senses and cancelled the party –ergo no supplies, no food, no toilet paper. I have a quarter of a gallon of milk, a half of bag of chicken nuggets, some peanut butter, 5 bottles of wine, 200 beers and 100 waters…wait maybe I am prepared?!

*Playing Super Mario Brothers on the DSI XL with my boys is fun, no wonder why they’re addicted.

*Some of the Disney Channel Shows should be rated PG 13x. Really? Some of the shows are so not appropriate for my children.

*I definitely favor Nickelodeon over Disney…can you say Sponge Bob, Victorious! Yay!

*There are some really cute meteorologists out there, like really cute!

*Boards games are fun…if you don’t cheat, otherwise it gets ugly between brothers.

*Too much TV can definitely dummie you up: Snooki is as dumb as a box of rocks, but funny as hell; The Pioneer Women’s cooking show absolutely adorable, pleasantly surprised; Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was entertaining; Al Roker tied to a bench in Long Beach: Classic; My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is scary as hell; Bravo TV has not disappointed at all.

*The Facebookers that post every second of their life in their status updates, are posting ever millisecond, a tad annoying, on the flip side those that I enjoy on Facebook are making this easier (Betsy, Dawn, Dawn, Deb, Tony, Kim, just to name a few…).

*Being Terrified is not fun, at all, mainly because I’m not prepared (see above).

*Having old towels, a shop vac and your husband home in case your basement floods – clutch!

*Twitter is keeping me sane.

*I like wine. Cracked this puppy open around 5:00. Thank you.

And since this storm is not over, I’m sure there will be more to learn.

Be Safe people!

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Life In Perspective

By Deanna

This week has been insane. As Hurricane Irene is looming over us, I’m debating on whether I should cancel a big party planned at my house, and worst of all a dear close friend of mine is going through a real difficult time. I literally had to take the time to STOP and smell the roses. Because I am training for half marathon, I have a few days that I need to cross train no running, strength and core is where it’s at. So yesterday I decided to do some core work than take a walk. I spontaneously invited my boys; I needed to take a look at the world through their eyes. We walked 1.01 miles in 39 minutes, this is what they saw:

A tide pool

An Eagle’s Head

A Spoon (not what I thought!!)

A Meatball (to go with the spoon)

Richie loved these Flowers

And Matthew loved this rolly poly!

The boys thought this backyard would make a GREAT petting zoo!

As we were heading back home, I came across these flowers, I loved them they are purple-pinkish and fabulous! I stopped to smell them.

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