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I Know This Much Is True

By Deanna

*$8.99 = happiness. The seven year now has a leash for his lizard. This has made him a deliriously happy boy. How does the lizard feel about this? Well, you decide:

*Hangovers are not for 40 year olds. Someone please make the pounding stop.

*My inherited tuned-up bike is the bomb-diggity! Knocked out 12 miles today with ease, and followed it up with a 3 mile run. Total brag, get over it!

*My hubby is awesome, a total Ogre in the morning but come 11:00 a.m. he’s plain awesome.

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I picked my battle

By Deanna

Today while I was doing a very small brick for my Tri, I contemplated why I sign up for these races. Why? Why do I torture myself? The challenge? The push? To see what I’m made of? Nah!

The other day my three year old was begging, pleading and saying that he had to have hot chocolate or he’d die. Really hot chocolate? Die? Really? It was 90 degrees with 100% humidity. Ummm okay.

Every day it’s something new with this kid and whatever he’s wants he has to have it yesterday. Whether it’s a bagel, a beetle, a baseball mitt or a block, if it gets in his head, he wants it when he wants it NOW.

I started to argue with him but then decided to just stop. Pick your battles Deana, pick your battles.

You want hot chocolate on a 90 degree day? Sure, I’d be happy to make it for you.

I prepared the hot chocolate gave it to the three year old and warned him that it was hot. He then demanded that I add milk to cool it off, since this is the battle
I choose I obliged.

No less than two minutes later Hubby and I heard from the three year olds lips, very faintly as if he was whispering in church:

“For God’s sake I’m in bad trouble now”.

And that my friend was my battle streaming down the couch and all over the floor.

Cleary answers my question above.

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Race Six of Twelve: 5K

By Deanna

I ran my sixth race of year yesterday! I can’t believe six months have passed, time really flies. I use to hate that saying but I believe I say it every day now. Ugh!

Katie’s Run is a 5k race that honors the memory of Katie McBride a young girl that suffered from Childhood Leukemia. The run honors Katie but it also supports the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island and the family services it offers. The love, support, and just general community togetherness are what I love best about local races. These type of races puts life into perspective, you realize how blessed you are, and it’s just general awesomeness.

This race, my sixth race was a dozy of a race. It was another race where I thought I was going to kill it. Didn’t happen. I was literally dragging my ass from mile one. I raced with my close friend who just started running again, and she whipped my ass. The course was flat, with a few small inclines that weaved in and out of a local community. I was excited for the race because I’ve been training for my Tri, and wanted to see where I was at with my running. My excitement dissipated at mile one when the sun was beating down on me with no shade in sight. I was so thirsty. I felt I was drinking my salvia just to stay quenched.

All I could think about during the race was how horrible I felt, my mental game certainly did me in. I started going over what I ate, why I ate it, and that I really have to focus on eating better. I was kicking my ass for not being more mindful with my food choices. I really need to eat less processed snacks. Before the race I was batting this around with my friend and it just resonated with me during the race. I will never get faster, stronger or become a better runner if I keep eating the way I am eating.

So yesterday I started to eat more mindful, and I survived! Does this mean that I will never eat another chip?! Hell no, like Grandma Pitta said “Everything in moderation!” but I will certainly make much better choices, it’s kinda of pointless if I don’t, I’d just be spinning my wheels. Right?

Nevertheless as I was about three tenths of a mile from the finish line a woman in the crowd looked at me square in the eye and as I gave her a half-assed I can’t wait till this is over smile she said to me “Take the girl in the purple”, and that my friends is exactly what I did. I hauled assed chicked two guys, and the gal in purple! I ended the run smiling to say the least – I think this woman knew exactly what I needed.

My result was 35 minutes but my friends watch said 32 minutes, WTF? Split the difference?

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